Camano Trails Guide

Our guide has been updated!  The most recent version of our trail guide launched May 2020.  GPS coordinates now included.

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Table of Contents

Camano Island State Park 4

Cama Beach State Park 6

Cross Island Trail Overview 8

Dry Lake Road Trailhead 8

Elger Bay Preserve and Nature Trail 9

Camano Ridge Forest Preserve 10

Four Springs Lake Preserve 12

Barnum Point Preserve 14

Iverson Spit Preserve 16

English Boom Historical Park 17

Camano Center and Legacy Garden 18

Hutchinson County Park 18

Overview Map 20

For detailed trail maps, trail-head access information, and historical notes, pick up the latest edition  of  FOCIP's "Walking the Camano Island Trails" booklet. Suggested donation is $1.