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Guided Walk Schedule - Nov 2017 - June 2018

posted Oct 8, 2017, 4:42 PM by FOCIP of Camano Parks   [ updated Jan 31, 2018, 9:56 PM ]

Since 1995 Friends of Camano Island Parks (FOCIP) has been leading Winter Walks for the public on Camano
Island trails on the first Saturday of the month November through May. The walks are on Island County and
State Park trails, many of which have been constructed, maintained and enhanced by FOCIP through its
stewardship program. All walks start at 9:50 a.m. and are completed by noon. Join FOCIP members and
Backyard Wildlife Habitat stewards on these walks. See the unique features of each park. The pace is moderate
and walks take place rain or shine. Walks are canceled if there is snow or extremely high winds. Walkers are
asked to wear appropriate clothes for the weather and sturdy shoes or boots. No pass requirement for State Park

* * * No dogs please for the safety of the walkers. * * *


Saturday, Nov. 4:  Cama Beach State Park: Meet at 9:50 at Ivy Road and Dry Lake Road junction. You may
access Dry Lake Road from Elger Bay Road north of Elger Bay Elementary School or Monticello Road that
intersects West Camano Road and Elger Bay Road. Parking is on the Ivy Road cul-de-sac. We will walk from
the N.E. section of Cama down hill to the Cut Off Trail and then walk the Marine View loop Trail, followed by
the Bluff Trail and Old Entrance Trail 2.7 miles total. Shuttles will be available for those wishing a ride back to
Ivy. Option to walk back to Ivy would make the walk 3.9 miles total. A State park pass is not required. The
walk is completed by noon.

Saturday, Dec 2: Elger Bay Preserve: Meet at 9:50 a.m. at the junction of Elger Bay Road and Dry Lake
Road just north of the Elger Bay Elementary School and Elger Bay Store. This is a fairly level trail with one
50’ gain toward the middle of the walk. The beautifully signed Elger Bay Nature Trail with a side trip to the
beaver marsh platform is part of the walk. The walk is a 2.5 mile round trip, completed by noon.


Saturday, Jan 6Camano Island State Park: Meet at 9:50 at the picnic shelter near the boat ramp at
Camano Island State Park. Park pass required, but for those without, a temporary is provided bv FOCIP. The
walk includes 2 elevation gains of about 50’ with the rest of the walk fairly level. The trail is 2.6 miles long
with excellent views of Saratoga Passage and Elger Bay including a walk through a beautiful “fern grotto.” and

Saturday, Feb. 3Camano Ridge Forest PreserveMeet at 9:50 a.m. at the new parking lot located on Camano 
 Ridge Road for the West entrance to Camano Ridge. Drive on either East or West Camano Dr. to Camano Ridge
Road and drive 0.9 miles to the parking lot located on the East side near Carp Lake Road.  The nearly 2.4 mile walk 
will include the East and West Loop trails plus the Wetland trail.  The trails are generally level with a few short ups 
and downs.   Note: This is a change from the previous years, by eliminating the steep climb on the trail from the East entrance.   

Saturday, Mar. 3Cama to CISP: Meet at 9:50 at Ivy Road and Dry Lake road junction. You can access Dry
Lake Road from Elger Bay Road or Monticello Road. Walk from the Cama trailhead to the South beach of
Camano Island State Park enjoying the downhill and level terrain with great views. Shuttle service will be
available to return drivers to the trailhead. If you wish you can walk back. The walk is 3.3 miles one way.

Saturday, Apr. 7Four Springs Lake Preserve: Meet at 9:50 in the parking area of Four Springs, Proceed
from East or West Camano Roads on Camano Hill Road and turn north on Lewis Lane which is located just
west of the Camano Ridge Road. See this beautiful preserve with a walk on the perimeter trail including the
wetland trail. The perimeter trail includes two 50’ fairly steep hills with benches at the top. The distance of the
walk is approximately 2 miles. A tour of the day-rental Four Springs House, Meadow room and Barn is

Saturday, May 5Iverson Spit Preserve, Kristoferson Creek Habitat, English Boom Historical Park:
Participants should arrive at Iverson Spit Preserve at 9:50 a.m. Iverson Spit is accessed from East Camano
Drive via Russell Road east to Sunrise Road then south to Iverson Beach Road. Follow Iverson Beach Road
east down to the beach area and drive north to the end. After a short level 1 mile walk with views of Port Susan
Bay, a beaver activity area, and the “Hobbit Trail”, drivers will caravan to Kristoferson Creek Habitat for a
short visit. The caravan directions to the next stop at English Boom Historical Park will be handed out at
Iverson Spit. The walk at English Boom Historical Park is about 1 mile in length on a marsh trail along Skagit
Bay. Baker view, interpretive boards and a boardwalk are some of the special features of this historical park..

Saturday, June 2: Barnum Point County Park: This newest Island County park should be open with safety features, signage and trail maps completed by this date.   Until that time there is still a lot to do this winter and FOCIP will be involved with the county to have it ready.  Notices of completion of the park will be posted in the Crab Cracker and Stanwood/Camano news prior to the walk with a complete description of the access route and parking.  The walk is about 2.3 miles.

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Saturday, Nov. 3: Camano Island State Park

Saturday, Dec. 1: Elger Bay Preserve